We truly believe that life is better shared together and we want to share it with you!

Whether you, like many other families, find yourself in need of shared resources (such as food and household items), or if you have time to share as a volunteer, or if you are a generous soul looking to share your resources, there is a place for you here at Luke 3:11 Share Center.








Meet the Team


It takes over 1200 volunteer hours in a month to operate Luke 3:11 Share Center. We have wonderful volunteer coordinators in various roles and leading those volunteers are our volunteer directors. Our directors are willing to answer any questions you might have about Luke 3:11 Share Center in general and their area of responsibility in particular.

Michele Holmes

Executive Director

Michele can answer any questions you have about the vision and goals of Luke 3:11 Share Center— she’s been here since the beginning! You can touch base with her by emailing michele@luke311sharecenter.org.

Jennifer Uren

Chief Operating Officer

Want to know more about the ins and outs of Luke 3:11 Share Center? Jenn can give you that info. She’s in charge of making sure all the wheels turn smoothly at the share center. You can contact her at jenn@luke311sharecenter.org.

Dianna Moore

Director of Guest Services

When it comes to the day-to-day operation of Luke 3:11 Share Center, Dianna is your go-to person! To ask her questions about the services we provide our guests, you can email  dianna@luke311sharecenter.org.

Rachel Fahrenbach

Director of Marketing & Media

Are you looking for an interview, quote, or other piece of communication for your article, blog, etc.? Rachel would love to talk to you! Her email is rachel@luke311sharecenter.org.

Kelly VanHoveln

Director of Sustainability

Interested in working in the charity garden at Luke 3:11 Share Center? Kelly would love to talk to you about different opportunities to get involved! Contact her kelly@luke311sharecenter.org.