Michele Holmes

Executive Director

Michele can answer any questions you have about the vision and goals of Luke 3:11 Share Center— she’s been here since the beginning! You can touch base with her by emailing michele@luke311sharecenter.org.

Jennifer Uren

Chief Operating Officer

Want to know more about the ins and outs of Luke 3:11 Share Center? Jenn can give you that info. She’s in charge of making sure all the wheels turn smoothly at the share center. You can contact her at jenn@luke311sharecenter.org.

Dianna Moore

Director of Guest Services

When it comes to the day-to-day operation of Luke 3:11 Share Center, Dianna is your go-to person! To ask her questions about the services we provide our guests, you can email  dianna@luke311sharecenter.org.

Rachel Fahrenbach

Director of Marketing & Media

Are you looking for an interview, quote, or other piece of communication for your article, blog, etc.? Rachel would love to talk to you! Her email is rachel@luke311sharecenter.org.

Kelly VanHoveln

Director of Sustainability

Interested in working in the charity garden at Luke 3:11 Share Center? Kelly would love to talk to you about different opportunities to get involved! Contact her kelly@luke311sharecenter.org.